Explore The Shore 2014 (ETS14)

August 14, 2014 Posted by JThw8

A couple of weeks ago I threw a teaser and event placeholder on our Facebook group for ETS 2014.  It was such a great event last year we couldn’t help but do it again.  But different.

I’m afraid I still don’t have all the info, the boss is working frantically to set up some really cool stuff but here’s what I know:

Timeframe: 3 day event, September 26, 27, 28.  We’ll be starting around noon on the 26th and ending around noon on the 28th.

Location:  We’re spreading it out this time.  the very loose plan is a start in Atlantic City, NJ, with Friday night spent in AC after an adventure in the city during the day.  Saturday will be some great scenic drives through Delaware hopefully ending near Assateague Island in Md.  If you aren’t familiar with this, do a quick search, it’s pretty cool.  Then Sunday a backtrack to the inner harbor in Baltimore for a finale group luncheon and celebration.

We’ll have some fun and games and challenges to keep you busy but this is generally a non-competition event and more for fun, friends and great road tripping.

Cost:  Subject to change right up until we open registration but we are aiming for $225 per 2 person team.  T-shirts and other goodies included as always.  There are a few group meals/functions included in this price as well.

Fundraiser:  Still hammering out the formal arrangement but we will be asking all teams to do a little fund raising for the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.  Many people think that all is well but we are still actively rebuilding in NJ and much help is still needed.

As a special feature myself and team Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse are frantically thrashing to finish our revival of Sandy, THOTC’s 1952 Plymouth which was flooded during Sandy and we are rebuilding to be their rally car.

I hope to have more details in the coming week and registration up and running but I wanted to get what info I had out there as we keep getting questions.  As with all of our events there will be a limit to entries, so if you are interested prepare to register!


And the scores are in!

July 14, 2014 Posted by JThw8

My apologies for the delay in getting these posted.  Some times you just need a few days to decompress.  I’ll start getting more post rally info out to everyone soon.


Team # Name Total
16 The Mason Dixon Compromise 2760
31 The Goodwrenches 2760
22 Team Jellybean 2479
19 Nuptials o’ Doom 2291
27 The Ratillac Vagabonds 2270
18 Deadite Knights 2166
10 Team Fugawi 2158
21 Blazing Rattles 2014
20 Urinal Cake Frosting 2000
30 SQRL Star 1851
25 The Pie Wagon 1570
17 Random Arrival 1375
11 G.E. Makanix 920
26 Rainbow Mayhem 675
28 Team Steve 410

First of many – post event blathering and random thoughts

July 10, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Over the next few days I’ll be posting up a lot of info from the Saints 2 Sinners route 66 adventure but I wanted to kick off what is bound to be a bunch of the random blathering you have become accustomed to from me with a very special thank you.

I want to thank Justin and Karin Clements of Street Safari for their enduring patience and support.

We all get very excited on these events and we want more and have heads full of wild ideas.  As an event organizer it’s not always easy to pour your heart into an event just to have people come up to you and say “That was amazing, but do you know what would make it better….”

And we’ve all done it, which is why I don’t take it personally when it happens to me now.  But why Justin didn’t just tell me in his charmingly British way to just “Feck off” but instead took the time to explain to me how things worked and guide me in taking my crazy ideas and molding them into workable plans.   Almost everything that happens on these types of events comes from iterative learning.  You try, you fail, you fix, you try again, you refine, you try again, you modify.  Do you ever get it 100%? maybe.

I know for S2S I continued an iteration of the first challenge Justin had let me design for BABE rally.  I fixed a lot of things that I learned teams would misinterpret or loopholes of which they would take advantage and yet somehow it still fell short of what I planned.  Sure, it worked, but not how I thought it would.  People are unpredictable.  I have new things to work on for next time I guess.

Anyway, we all owe them our thanks, they have gone on hiatus from the rally business (I refuse to believe they are done) but without their tolerance, patience and friendship I would not be continuing the tradition.

Calling all crazies….

June 6, 2014 Posted by JThw8

So even as I am frantically tying up everything for S2S I’m thinking about another event.  It a terrible terrible idea, which is why I come to you, my fans of terrible terrible ideas and ask:  How many seriously hardcore banger ralliers do we have?   Who out there would be interested in a serious banger challenge?  I know if I do this its going to be a small event, I’ll be surprised if I can talk 10 teams into it, therefore it will be a financial nightmare so don’t expect it to have a lot of goody bags, dinners, etc, just crazy people and crazy times.  So….how crazy are you?

Follow the link to the forum topic and let’s have a chat to see where your pain tolerance resides 😉

Where has the time gone?

June 6, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Wow, only 25 days until I hit the road to head to the start of Saints to Sinners and 27 days until the official start of the rally.

Things are coming together, at least I’m not thrashing on a car at the last minute this time around….except I still need to install my CB and figure out what I’m doing for tunes.  And a power inverter would probably be a good idea.  And I need to change out the wheels and tires and…..well OK I guess I have a little car thrashing to do as well.



S2S Hotel list is out!

May 9, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Captains check your emails, the S2S hotel list was just sent out.  Start booking your rooms, just one more thing you can do to procrastinate on getting your car ready 😉

I love this thing

March 30, 2014 Posted by JThw8






While I’m looking forward to seeing old friends on S2S I am just as excited about our new teams and some of the crazy things they are up to.  The very aptly named Team Pie Wagon sent me a little update photo tonite.  This father/son team has been building the pie wagon from scratch and plan to give it a proper shake down run on S2S.   I can’t wait to see this thing in person!



The part where I ask for your thoughts

March 25, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Ok friends.  As I noted on the FB page we are currently doing some preliminary investigation and planning for an all new event this fall.  This event will be very different from the average Asphault Adventure but we are trying to grow and try new things.  It’s all about having fun right 🙂

But after talking with a location for the even which was, to be quite honest, perfect in pretty much every way for what we’d like to do we came to the painful realization it would be very expensive.  And we’re not necessarily opposed to going a little upscale if YOU aren’t  so I wanted to propose some ideas and get the input of you, the customer.

What I’m not going to give away is the whole idea of the event so some of this may seem vague, please ask if you need clarification.

Option 1 – the big plan!

Couples weekend in a mountain resort.  Activities galore including some great driving roads but also a lot of on site activities, and I do mean A LOT.  We could spend a week there and not do everything.  This would be an all inclusive weekend starting Friday morning with a scenic drive to our destination and a tour of a local facility which I believe most would find very interesting.  2 nights lodging in private mountain lodge style houses.  The site has hotel style too but we really liked the private houses for letting the group have its own area to cut loose and socialize, it also plays well into further themes for the weekend.  6 bedrooms per house each with its own bath so they are like small hotels with a common living room and kitchen.  Also a balcony.  Most meals would be included (dinner Friday, breakfast  and dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday) A lake for water sports, including pontoon boats for a possible lake party,  and just some of the included activities are bumper boats (if its not too cold), bumper cars, go karts, paintball (small fee), arcades, live entertainment (bands and comedians), bingo, and on and on and on.  There would be time for organized activities as well as free play time to do as you like.  There is also a spa as part of the property although that would incur fees if you choose any services.    Basically everything we’d need to relive our youths and have a great cabin party in the woods minus the creepy serial killer.

I’d LOVE to do this but…. This would be a $1000 per couple weekend.  And don’t get me wrong, with everything that is included it is absolutely worth it.  We have negotiated this price, normally it would be much more.  It’s that kind of place.


Option 2 – less is more

After the crushing cost blow we’ve started researching other nearby venues and options.  We could get a place where we can still rent a group of cabins, still have access to great driving roads and still have a great time. These cabins are NOT hotel style where each room has its own bathroom so you’ll be making new friends or getting a single cabin (obviously singles cost a bit more than shared) We’ll also have to cover our own meals (hey we like cookouts right) kitchens and charcoal grills are included.  And we have to make our own fun.  There are some areas for play (and again a lake) but no go-karts, bumper cars, arcades, live entertainment, etc.  Rest assured we’d do our best to make it a fun time for everyone still and have plenty of activities and play.  But it is a bit of a let down after visiting the first venue.  And for all of that we would probably still be looking at a per couple cost of $500-800 although we haven’t started negotiating that option so I could be way off thus the wide range.

So honest opinions because we want to create an event that YOU want to do.

Comment in the forum or on FB and let us know what interests you.

S2S Questions

March 7, 2014 Posted by JThw8


Now that the first question has come in from the team mailing I thought I’d post a reminder that all questions (unless they are of a private nature or team specific) which are emailed to me will be copied and answered in the forum so that others can benefit from the answer and discuss if there are any unresolved questions.

I will still reply to your emails but I will be replying with the forum link so you can view your answer and discuss.

All of these posts will be in the Upcoming Events section and will be prefixed with S2S – Question so you may find them easily.

Here’s how it looks for S2S

March 6, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Confession time. I am sometimes a bit of a stats geek so today I was going through the final teams list and here’s some interesting data for everyone.
We have 21 teams and 44 drivers (with 2 more potentially unnamed)
Almost 1/4 of all participants are female, a nice change from the normal sausage-fest that is banger rallying.
We have entries from US and Cananda witht he following states represented: California, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maryland, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Vermont.
California has the highest number of participants with 4, Followed closely by Oklahoma with 3
Assuming all the “undecided” class people go to Open we’ll have a close split with 12 cars confirmed in the beater class, 2 confirmed in Open and the rest undecided.

Team captains should expect an email later today (hopefully) with some early details and reminders. Please be sure to share it with your team mates, we only email the captains!

And as discussed on FB we *may* have some very interesting guests on the event.  I will post more when I have confirmation.