1. What are the budget limits for Banger class cars?

2000-up – See open class

1980-1999 – $500

1960-1979 – $750

1959 and earlier – $1000

2. What are the budget limits for Banger class motorcycles?

2000-up – See open class

1980-1999 – $350

1960-1979 – $500

1959 and earlier – $750

3. Do you hate motorcycles or something?

No but the reality is that pricing for banger class is set around scrap metal pricing, to be honest we’re being kind of generous with the motorcycle prices

4. Can I fix my banger?

Absolutely.  First and foremost MAKE IT SAFE.  We will never fault anyone for safety items.  But don’t do a restoration, the point is to have a heap on its last legs going on an adventure.

5. Can you really buy cars at those prices?

When we started banger rallying with other organizations the budget limit was $250 and plenty of people managed to find cars.  It was raised to $500 when scrap prices went through the roof and people still managed to find cars.  Again, I think we’re being generous by expanding your opportunities to get some older junk 🙂  If you can’t find cars at those prices post up on the forum, I’ll bet someone can help you find a good one.

6. So what is Open Class?

Just what it sounds like.  Its open, no limits.  Bring your daily driver, bring a rental car, bring the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile (PLEASE!) If it doesn’t fit in any other class this is where it will go.

7. I really want to go on {insert your event of choice here} how can I be sure to get accepted?

While there’s no assurance of acceptance (well, maybe just one*) to an event because all events will be space limited here are some of the factors which are considered when reviewing applications.  Priority is given to teams who have run in other events with us during the current year. (although we like a good infusion of fresh faces too) Especially when applying for entry to the 5 day event each year, participation in one of the smaller 1 or 3 day regional events weighs heavily in your favor, *winners of regional events are guaranteed acceptance to the 5 day .  Banger class cars get a priority.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable with bangers, that’s why we have open class, but if we’ve one spot left to fill and have to choose with all other things being equal, the banger will usually get the spot.  SIGN UP EARLY!  Most registration periods will be from 30-90 days, our version of an early sign up bonus will be near 100% chance of acceptance if you sign up in the first couple of days.  If you are one of those types that can’t make up your mind until the last day of registration you may find we have no space left.

8. I’ve registered and paid and now I cannot make the event, can I get a refund?

Short answer, no.  Funding is committed very early on to our suppliers and vendors and is usually based upon head count.  We do aim to make the experience pleasant for every one so we will work with you as best we can.  If it is a sold out event we will go to the wait list to see if someone else can fill your spot.  If your spot cannot be filled we will be willing to transfer your entry to another event of equal or lesser cost (if the new entry fee is higher you can pay the difference but we cannot refund the difference on lower cost events) within 12 months of the original event’s date.

8a. Well then can I sell my spot to another team?

No. Many events will have a wait list to be satisfied.  If you cannot make it then it is only fair to allow a wait-listed team first chance at your open spot.  If you know of another team which may be willing to take your spot they should fill out an application and in the notes make a note that they are looking to take your position on the rally.  Bottom line rally entry can only be purchased from Asphault Adventures.

9. What is included in my entry fee?

Obviously, entry to the event for 2 team members (additional teammates, up to 4, can be added for a fee) and all the great adventures, challenges and activities we will have planned for you on the event as well as any prizes, trophies, etc for the winners.
Additionally, if you chose the “full monty” registration all team members will receive an event t-shirt and a vehicle sticker pack with team numbers and other event based identifications will be provided.  Other items may be included on a per-event basis.

10. I was told on [the forum, Facebook, twitter, someplace else] by [someone other than Jim T or Kelley T] that I could [insert whatever you are trying to convince us you should be able to do here].

The forum and Facebook page are great sources of information.  Many veterans of other banger events are joining us and will have sage advice for the offering.  But, when it comes to official questions, rules, etc if it didn’t come from an AA staff member it’s not the law of the land.  Jim T monitors these locations and posts under Jim T on the forums or Asphault Adventures on Facebook.  When in doubt email him at Jim@AsphaultAdventures.com for any clarifications on questions.  And if for any reason Kelley T tells you something that contradicts what Jim T told you, Kelley is always right.

11. Can we have a support/chase vehicle?

Are you a wuss?  If you wish to have a support vehicle they will have to be signed up and registered as a separate team in the open class.  Please note on both applications that this is a “paired” team.  Also note if you are unwilling to break the paring (you won’t run your banger if your support vehicle isn’t accepted).  Contact us for more info if you have questions or concerns.

Ask a question, I’ll answer 🙂

Waivers and such

Linked here are samples of our individual and team release waivers so you know what you’ll be agreeing to before the event.  These are subject to change so please wait to receive your formal registration packet with the latest forms.

Asphault Adventures Team Registration

Asphault Adventures Driver information and Release