Your Events

We are a unique event planning service offering one to five day road trip adventures for groups, clubs, fundraisers and corporate team building events.  Throughout the year we will be hosting our own open adventures where anyone can participate and enjoy the fun. We also look forward to the opportunity to work with your group to custom-tailor an adventure to your specific needs and interests.

Each of our adventures will contain scavenger hunt style challenges as well as group activities to keep you entertained, active and having fun. Whenever possible we will choose the road less traveled to get off the highways and on to the side roads to explore and really get to see some of the great attractions we all drive past each day without realizing they are right under our noses.

Let us organize a 1, 2 or 3 day road trip adventure customized for your group. From designing routes and challenges, making arrangements for meals and lodging, we can help. With a professional, certified meeting and events planner as part of our executive team we bring the skills and contacts necessary to plan your event. And with a self certified nutcase on staff we’ll see to it you have a little adventure along the way.

We will work with you to help design the event that best fits your organization and it’s unique needs.

We always have a great cache of challenges and road games at the ready, but we also stand ready to tailor all facets of the event for your specific group.

Below are just a few ideas:

Foodie run: Got a group of foodies? Let’s get out on the road and work up an appetite then convene for a great meal at a hidden gem. Perhaps you’d like to stop and visit a local farm or other food producing location.

Poker runs: The tried and true road trip adventure, we like to add a few twists to keep it fresh.

History buffs: The back roads and byways of this country are full of history and great experiences, let us find them for you and create a great adventure through the past.

TSDRally: Another classic to which we bring a new twist. Participants must cover a specific route hitting checkpoints at specific time intervals.

These are just a sampling but now we need to hear your ideas. What can we do for you to create a fun road trip event for your organization?