Rally 2016 – Back to the Big Easy!



There are stories told, of days past, when brave, although perhaps not bright, men, women and sometimes even children would pile into their tRUSTY steeds of mostly steel procured for a pittance and head out on a mythical adventure to a magical land known as The Big Easy.  But their journey was seldom easy, having to take on great challenges of skill, intellect and well, just keeping those piles of junk they were driving moving forward.

We invite you to join us as we retrace some of their routes and make a few of our own in the grand adventure Back to the Big Easy.   Whether in a terrible banger class car like our forebears or a slightly more sedate voyage in your daily driver, rental car or other chosen means of locomotion adventure is sure to be around every turn.

Departing July 1st 2016 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and covering over 1300 miles of great driving roads (including the legendary Tail of the Dragon) fun activities and challenges over 4 days we will arrive in New Orleans on July 4th in time to celebrate our nation’s birthday in style!

Register now at the link below.  Your registration options are as follows:

Just the basics – $150 for a two man team, $40 for each additional team member, this gains you access to the event and any scheduled challenges and activities as well as the awards ceremony and banquet at the closing of the event.

The full monty – $200 for a two man team, $50 for each additional team member, will include all of the above plus the full decal pack for your car and limited edition event t-shirts for each team member.

Payment for all registrations will be due no later than May 21st, 2016

Registration is now closed for this event.  Be sure to follow along with the adventure on Facebook if you missed your chance to join us!

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