Some details are emerging for W2W our premier 2015 event (which includes the TRABI class)

November 10, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Ok, things are coming together so the boss says I can tell y’all a bit more. The W2W rally is tentatively going to happen at the end of May, going into June. Dates will vary based upon if you are in the TRABI class or not. TRABI teams will be meeting on May 27th in an undisclosed location and TRABI and the rest of the rally meet up to start W2W on May 30th.

So…W2W, its West 2 West as in West Virginia 2 Key West. Should be one hell of a drive 😉 TRABI teams will NOT be starting in West Virginia. Teams which are accepted to TRABI will be provided their starting info as needed and should not be planning on any pre-shopping as it will surely bite them in the butt 😉


I’ve been getting some questions and some clarity required on how T.R.A.B.I. class will work for W2W.   TRABI does NOT start in West Virginia, stop shopping!  For those familiar with banger rally day numbering, with Day 0 being the day you arrive to register but Day 1 being the next day where you hit the road let’s look at it like this.

Day -3  TRABI teams arrive in (undisclosed) After registration they will be able to begin their hunts and contact sellers to meet with them the following morning.  Trust me, you think you’ll have this lined up ahead of time but you won’t.

Day -2 TRABI teams head out to buy cars and start prepping them

Day -1 TRABI teams still prepping

Day 0 TRABI teams have a day long drive with some POI visits on the way to the start in WV.  Open and banger class teams will arrive at starting point in WV.

Day 1 All teams hit the road together.

Clear as mud now?

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