From the bad ideas department I present to you T.R.A.B.I.

September 25, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Terrible Really Awful Bad Idea (TRABI) rally.

For awhile we’ve hinted this is coming, now its time to let at least some of this cat out of the bag and see who wants to give it a ball of string…what a terrible analogy.

Anyway…this is a rally for the really hardcore, the deranged, the true banger rally enthusiast.

Entry will be limited to no more than 10 teams, and we may actually make it only 5.

Entry is $1000 per team, but the winner takes half the pool at the end ($2500 if a 5 team event, $5000 if a 10 team event)

It will be a standard 4-5 day banger rally format with one exception.

You can’t bring your car.

Thats right, fly to the start, bring a car and park it, whatever you decide, but you will be arriving 2 days prior to the rally start and have 48 hours to find, buy and prepare your car.

Still with me? (if you chicken out at any point skip to the bottom to find out how you can still have fun)

In your first 48 hours you have a budget of $1000.  You can buy a $1000 car and do nothing, or a $100 car and do $900 worth of work.  You can buy a $500 car and put $100 into it and keep $400 in your pocket, which may come in handy because….

You will then compete in a 4-5 day banger rally with a total budget of $1000 (plus anything left over from your car buy/build budget)

That $1000 must cover all accommodations, food, fuel, car repairs, etc for the remainder of your trip.

Every dollar over budget either on the build or on the trip will cause deductions from your final score.

And how do we keep you honest?  Every team will have a dedicated marshal who will be riding along and managing your money, as well as photographing and journaling your team’s exploits.

This means when you are car shopping you need to account for one more passenger than you have on your team.

So let’s sum up, $3000 of your hard earned cash.  7+ days of your precious time for a 1 in 10 chance to win $5000 (or 50% of the total entry fee for the class)

We’ll throw in some t-shirts, stickers, lots of adventure and maybe a party or two along the way as well as some organization and planning to keep things moving smoothly.

It really is a Terrible Really Awful Bad Idea.   But for a very select few, it’s just the kind of bad idea you are looking for.  If you are one of those crazies running around right now saying TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE, be aware there will be an application process including a video portion to make sure we have just the right kind of teams filling these very limited spots.

I can hear the hamsters firing up the wheels in some of your brains on how you can get around some of these challenges already:

Get someone local to pre-purchase a car for you and have it waiting

Get an inside deal from someone local all set up in advance

Have another rally team “partner” with you to give you free rooms and feed you.

I’m a cheater too, I’ve thought of those things, just stop.  Full rules will be released closer to the event but focus on how you accomplish this clean, don’t look for tricks, tricks are bad…mmmkay?

For everyone else, we didn’t forget you.  We’ll still be running a full 4-5 day adventure rally with banger and open classes in conjunction with this event. Come along to watch the circus with a front row seat and test your adventure rally skills against the other teams.  You’ll get the t-shirts, the stickers, the parties,  and adventures too, just slightly less pain (or maybe more for some of you crazies) in your vehicle selection.

The rally itself will be late spring or early summer and will most likely be east coast based.

More details on the whole rally as well as the TRABI class to come but I know there will be a lot of questions and teams will need time to plan if they want to join the TRABI class.

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