Calling all crazies….

June 6, 2014 Posted by JThw8

So even as I am frantically tying up everything for S2S I’m thinking about another event.  It a terrible terrible idea, which is why I come to you, my fans of terrible terrible ideas and ask:  How many seriously hardcore banger ralliers do we have?   Who out there would be interested in a serious banger challenge?  I know if I do this its going to be a small event, I’ll be surprised if I can talk 10 teams into it, therefore it will be a financial nightmare so don’t expect it to have a lot of goody bags, dinners, etc, just crazy people and crazy times.  So….how crazy are you?

Follow the link to the forum topic and let’s have a chat to see where your pain tolerance resides 😉

5 Responses to Calling all crazies….

  1. avatar xpit says:

    Hey, I just found a Renault 17 for 500 bucks.. How crazy do you have to be? Location and timing is everything.

    • avatar JThw8 says:

      While that is crazy and OMFGIWANTTHATCAR. Nothing you own, or have found will help you on this rally. It’s that kind of idea. Clean slate for all…. There is no location or timing proposed at this time. The idea is a “non-starter” with the boss because it will probably loose money and not break even so I may go rogue on this one 😉

  2. avatar Bloody-Brit says:

    If this is what we have talked about in the past then count me in. As for the Mrs. you need to find some media coverage and consider it advertising expense for your company. Plus we will rescue a stray dog on the way.

    • avatar JThw8 says:

      Brit, I don’t know that I’ve discussed this idea with anyone previously so probably not. I still have many other terrible ideas which we have discussed. But basically I think banger/beater rallying has become too sedate, the cars are too sorted, people not taking risks like they use to. I’m gonna bring back the fear 😉

  3. avatar Bloody-Brit says:

    I know nothing, count me in.

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