Meet the teams

August 27, 2013 Posted by JThw8

The team list is finalized for the ETS Adventure.  Please welcome the inaugural class of Asphault Adventures.


13    A team with no name, like the horse
20    Devine’s Shore to Win
21    Car Ramrod
22    The Mason Dixon Compromise
23    G.E. Makanix
24    Manwall
25    Scotch and Rum
26    Team Fugawi (East)
29    Two Horsemen of the Carpocalypse
30    Porteriffic
33    Don’t Drone Me, Bro
34    Muffaletta Run
35    Random Arrival
42    3PM
43    Two Wives On The Loose!
63    Fool Injected
77    Team Bonanzathon
86    Muffin Bandits
89    Panda Express

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  1. avatar xpit says:

    Good to see some old favourite on the roster. Martlet and I are busy with other activities. Have fun everyone!

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