W2W is proudly supporting The Autism Society of America

December 5, 2014 Posted by JThw8


Celebrating it’s 50th year in 2015, the Autism Society of America is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots organization with over 100 local and state affiliates helping individuals living with autism maximize their quality of life each and every day. Please visit their website, linked above, for further information.

Here at Asphault Adventures we have made the decision that the fun we have could and should ultimately do some good.  Therefore starting with W2W we will be having a featured charity partner whom we will ask our teams to support via fundraising.

We are not setting any hard goals for the teams this year but we do ask that all teams seek out some sponsorhip and fundraising donations from their friends, family and community for this worthy organization.  Your fundraising efforts will have a direct bearing on your scores and we will be looking for ways to reward our top fundraisers further so give it a strong effort!


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