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December 4, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Ok, we’re almost there with the registration.  A few points of clarity before we open it up.  We are aiming to open registration on December 15th.

The TRABI class ONLY of W2W will start on Wednesday May 27th in a location in the northeastern United States. After 2 days prep time the TRABI teams and their support teams will drive to the W2W start in Charleston WV on May 30th.

The W2W rally (all classes) will Start (Night 0) on Saturday May 30th in Charleston WV.

Depart Charleston May 31, Arrive Nashville, TN

Depart Nashville, TN June 1st, Arrive Robbinsville, NC (Tail of the Dragon)

Depart Robbinsville, NC June 2nd, Arrive Savannah, GA

Depart Savannah, GA June 3rd, Arrive DeLand FL

Depart DeLand, FL June 4th, Arrive Key West, FL

Registration will be open through March 31st.   An application fee will be required at the time of registration.  This fee will be refunded if your application is not accepted.   Other than event cancellation this is the ONLY time a refund would be issued.

Once your application is approved and accepted the balance of your registration fee will need to be paid.  You will have until April 30, 2015 to pay your registration fees.  You may pay in installments if you like but you must be paid in full by April 30th.

There will be TWO charity components to the event.  There will be an overall fundraising effort from each team for a primary charity to be announced shortly.   And one daily challenge to raise funds for a second special charity.  We will not be enforcing any particular goals but the results will have bearing on your teams overall score.


Registration fees:

TRABI Teams -Teams competing in the TRABI class

Application fee: $100

Registration fee: $1000 ($900 + application fee) per 2 person team.

Hotel fee:   $215  Since you will be unable to know where you are starting you will also need to pay up front for the hotels for the TRABI prep time (3 nights) and our team will book this for you.  All other hotels you will book and pay for yourself.

TRABI teams may be 2 person only.  If your application for the TRABI class is not accepted you will be offered the opportunity to join the open or banger classes if you would like.

NOTE:  TRABI class must have at least 5 entrants or entrants will be offered space in the open rally and the TRABI competition will not occur.  TRABI class is limited to no more than 10 entrants.

TRABI Support Teams – Each TRABI team may register one support team of no more than 2 people.  This team may be in open or banger class and may assist the TRABI team during car purchase and preparation.   The TRABI team should register first so the support team will have their name for their registration form.

Application Fee: $50

Registration fee: $500 ($450 + application fee)

Hotel fee: $215  Since you will be unable to know where you are starting you will also need to pay up front for the hotels for the TRABI prep time (3 nights) and our team will book this for you.  All other hotels you will book and pay for yourself.  You may share a room with your TRABI team, please choose the shared room option on your registration form and this fee will be waived and no reservations will be made for the support team.

W2W Open Rally teams:  For open and banger classes competing in the open portion of the W2W rally.

Application Fee: $50

Registration fee: $400 ($350 + application fee) For a 2 person team.  Please add $100 per additional teammate.  Maximum of 4 members per team.

Marshals:  We will be looking to recruit a few good marshals for this event.  The job pays in adventure, and maybe some meals but cold hard cash is out of the question.  We will cover hotel rooms but its 4 to a room so you get to make new friends (or recruit 3 people you like to marshal with you)  Marshals will be riding with the TRABI teams so you don’t need a car but you do need a strong sense of adventure. Sorry we do not provide transportation to the start or home from the finish.  Marshals will need to be available for the entire event starting May 27th and going through June 4th.

To keep things on the up and up we will most likely NOT accept marshal candidates who are or are affiliated with past banger rally teams.  There are a few exceptions to this but very few.  Any cheating on the part of a TRABI team gets them disqualified.  If a marshal is found to be complicit then the team can go after them for their fees.  Come prepared to keep things honest.

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