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The NJ Shore

July 31, 2013 Posted by JThw8

A little vacation at the NJ shore with the family. Of course we’re wrapping up some final details for the Explore the Shore rally while we are here. Registration ends Friday, don’t get left out!


Welcome to the new site

July 30, 2013 Posted by JThw8

Welcome to the new Asphault Adventures website. The dust is still settling and new features will be getting added on a regular basis so be patient. If you are used to the WordPress format you will see that commenting is turned off for posts here but most posts (at least ones of interest) will be linked to the forum to keep the discussion on in one place.

The forum – I highly recommend signing up and getting active on the forum. My own personal experience with prior events is that the interaction and discussion prior to events goes a long way to building new friendships before we even meet for the first time. Its a great place to share crazy ideas, get tips from those who have gone before, and even look for that perfect car for your next adventure.

It’s also a great place to ask questions about the upcoming events. Some of you may be new to this, some of you may have experience but want to know what will be different now. The forum is your place to ask as well as share your own ideas and wishlists. Asphault Adventures is born out of what I always wanted to see in a road trip adventure and I want all of you to have the ability to give input into what you’d like to see on your adventures.

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