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S2S Questions

March 7, 2014 Posted by JThw8


Now that the first question has come in from the team mailing I thought I’d post a reminder that all questions (unless they are of a private nature or team specific) which are emailed to me will be copied and answered in the forum so that others can benefit from the answer and discuss if there are any unresolved questions.

I will still reply to your emails but I will be replying with the forum link so you can view your answer and discuss.

All of these posts will be in the Upcoming Events section and will be prefixed with S2S – Question so you may find them easily.

Here’s how it looks for S2S

March 6, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Confession time. I am sometimes a bit of a stats geek so today I was going through the final teams list and here’s some interesting data for everyone.
We have 21 teams and 44 drivers (with 2 more potentially unnamed)
Almost 1/4 of all participants are female, a nice change from the normal sausage-fest that is banger rallying.
We have entries from US and Cananda witht he following states represented: California, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maryland, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Vermont.
California has the highest number of participants with 4, Followed closely by Oklahoma with 3
Assuming all the “undecided” class people go to Open we’ll have a close split with 12 cars confirmed in the beater class, 2 confirmed in Open and the rest undecided.

Team captains should expect an email later today (hopefully) with some early details and reminders. Please be sure to share it with your team mates, we only email the captains!

And as discussed on FB we *may* have some very interesting guests on the event.  I will post more when I have confirmation.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

March 1, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Registration for S2S is now closed.  We have a really great group signed up, a good mix of veterans of other rallies and total newbies.  I can’t wait to see everyone in July.

Now that we have a headcount we can finish discussions with all the suppliers, hotels and other vendors and we will have details to send out to the teams as soon as we can.

If you spaced out and forgot to register before the deadline shoot an email to and get on the wait list in case a registered team needs to drop out.

It won’t be long now

February 17, 2014 Posted by JThw8


If you, like many of us, have been shoveling out of yet another round of snow it may seem hard to believe that its now less than 5 months until we will be complaining about the heat as we pilot a fleet of beaters down historic route 66 in search of fun and adventure.  So, let’s all think some warm thoughts and share how our planning and preparation is going.

Time is running out!

January 15, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Just a quick note, we’re about halfway through our registration period for S2S and the roster is filling fast. The entry deadline (Feb 28th) and team limits are firm so don’t miss out.

We have to have firm numbers to complete the planning and if history on other events is any indication at least 10 teams are going to contact me in March begging for entry, sorry, can’t do it.

If everyone who clicked “attending” on the FB event page were to send an app today the event would be filled (and then some) and registration closed. Don’t miss out!

Motorcycle class update for S2S event

January 8, 2014 Posted by JThw8

Our inaugural event solo motorcycle class participant Kevin has been posting a most excellent review of his ETS experience over on the Grassroots Motorsports message board (you can read it here)

During the course of his post he has made a convincing enough argument that I have decided for S2S and right now ONLY for S2S motorcycles will have the same budget restrictions as banger class cars, which, if you forgot are as follows:

1980-1999 – $500

1960-1979 – $750

1959 and earlier – $1000

Always wanted to bring a motorcycle on a banger rally?  Thought I was a mean motorcycle hating person for thinking a banger motorcycle should be cheaper than a banger car purely by virtue of weight?  Here’s your chance to prove me wrong, if we get a good showing in MC class I will happily admit I was wrong and it was the budget holding you back.  If we don’t then I’ll know you all just talk a good game 😉

The Time is near…Saints 2 Sinners registration opening!

November 29, 2013 Posted by JThw8



Ok, folks I’m just getting the final touches done for the new online registration and barring any unforeseen problems registration will open on Dec 1.  Yes, Sunday, yes technically midnight Saturday.  We do expect to fill this event so early registration is in your best interest.  Here are a few points to keep in mind about entry and acceptance.

The event:  July 3 – July 7th from St Louis, MO to Las Vegas, NV.  The first 3 days will follow historic route 66.

Fees and payment:  The cost for the event will be $350 per team of two.  Additional team members, up to a total team size of 4 people can be added for $50 each.  Your entry fees will cover event t-shirts, mandatory sticker packs for the cars, and receptions/ceremonies during the event.  All Fees are NON REFUNDABLE.  Please see the website FAQ for full details.  You may make payments on your entry fee if desired, all fees must be paid in full no later than March 31st, 2014

Application and Acceptance:  Application will be able to be made online at  In addition to submitting your application to the event you will need to submit a $50 registration fee, applications will not be considered until the fee is received.  If you are accepted this fee will be applied to your event entry fee, if your application is not accepted your fee will be refunded.  Once accepted all fees and subsequent payments are non-refundable.

Alternate length options:  On the application you will see we have included an option for alternate length participation.  While we hope everyone can join us for all 5 days we .understand this is not always possible, therefore we have included options to join for 3 or 4 days.  4 day entries will cost $325 and 3 day will cost $300, the $50 fee for additional teammates over 2 does not change.  All 5 day applications will be considered for entry prior to any alternate length applications.

Guaranteed Acceptance: So you say you REALLY want to be there and don’t want to miss out.  You want to know how to get guaranteed acceptance.  Here’s your chance.  All 5 day applications received (including deposit) within the first 72 hours (before midnight Dec 3rd) will be guaranteed acceptance to the event.  Enter early and make sure you are there

Deadlines:  Registration will CLOSE at midnight Feb 28th, 2014, no exceptions, remember you have time to pay up after that but get your registration in early before the event fills up.

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It’s coming! Saints 2 Sinners 2014

October 8, 2013 Posted by JThw8

It’s coming! More information to come shortly, for now the major points. July 3 – 7th Starting in St Louis MO, ending in Las Vegas, NV. We will be traveling via historic Rt 66 for the first 3 days.

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